Last night on Dancing With the Stars, the stars performed routines set to Disney music while dressed up in corresponding Disney costumes. It’s not the first time they’ve done such a thing, but frequency doesn’t negate weirdness. They could do this every weeknight for the rest of eternity and I’d still say, “You know what, friends and family? This is weird!” while watching the latest episode on my deathbed.

It was weird when Chris Soules dressed up in the Hercules costume he stole from John F. Kennedy Middle School’s production of Hercules Jr.

It was weird when a video of Geppetto and Pinocchio was projected on the stage floor and Patti Labelle waltzed across it.

It was weird when Willow Shields, dressed as Alice, and danced with the White Rabbit despite being late for a very important date.

It was weird when Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough performed one of the non-”Let It Go” Frozen songs, complete with opening banter.

Then it was weird when the snowman danced!

It was weird when Rumer Willis was Ursula, even though she had the best set.

It was weird when Kym Johnson floated down on a wire dressed as Mary Poppins to dance with Robert Herjavec, who was weirdly not covered in enough soot.

It was weird when Suzanne Somers ate spaghetti next to two animated dogs and then danced as like two animated dogs weren’t watching them.

And finally, it was weird when Riker Lynch danced to the score of Pirates of the Caribbean, just like Hans Zimmer intended.

Oh, this was weird too.


Images via screengrab.

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