Damn, Hot Felon Still Fine

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Fans have prayed to their respective gods for new photos of Hot Felon ever since his mugshot and here it is. Looks OK.


Jeremy Meeks has but six photos on his Instagram page, @jmeeksofficial. We’ve seen all of them! The second to last picture—a snapshot of Meeks with his agent Jim Jordan—was posted 13 weeks ago.


This new photo from yesterday shows him in a Warriors cap (he’s from Stockton, near the Bay Area) gazing into your freaky soul with an expression that’s altogether sexy, bleak and a wee bit melancholy, maybe because he’s upset that LeBron beat the Warriors in Game 5 last night. This is just a ~taste~ of what’s to come from Meeks after he gets off that pesky house arrest on July 7.

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I know a lot of people are hating on this whole thing - but I kind of love it. If this can turn his life around? Go get it.

I mean - do I wish the world wasn't so awfully shallow and superficial? Yes. Yes I do. But I'm entirely ok with this beautiful man trying to play the system for his benefit. Best of luck to him.