Fox is rolling out more casting announcements for their fall 2016 remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The most recent actors to get casta-casta-caaaaasted alongside Laverne Cox’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Disney Channel/Nickelodeon youths Ryan McCartan and Victoria Justice as the waylaid couple Brad and Janet.

Justice is best known for her Nickelodeon show Victorious and—like all Nickelodeon stars—she is also pursuing a solo music career. McCartan appears on the Disney show Liv and Maddie. He also won the ‘Jimmy’ Award for Excellence in High School Musical Theater in 2011. In the original film version of Rocky Horror, Brad and Janet were played by Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon.

Also cast: Penny Dreadful’s Reeve Carney (who also appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” video) as Riff Raff and model Staz Nair as the titular Rocky.


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