Dame Judi Dench, my 81-year-old mother and life coach, just got her first tattoo. The Telegraph reports it was “a birthday gift from her actress daughter,” Finty Williams, whom Dench said is “wonderful with surprises.”


Speaking of surprises, do you have any ideas as to what the 81-year-old international icon chose as her first piece of permanent body art? I’ll give you a few moments to think, though I’m certain whatever you guess will be wrong.

Think a little more. Put yourself in her practical shoes. Drape yourself in linen. See if you can realize what it means to be her.

OK, times up. Use the image slider below to see if you were right.


If you’re anything like me, you were expecting something closer to a British flag or perhaps a tasteful nude portrait of Bill Nighy. But no! It’s just her “motto,” CARPE DIEM—on her wrist, forever. And you know what? I love it. If she does, why shouldn’t I?

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