Dame Dash Is Only Mad About Lemonade for His Children's Sake

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On an episode of Access Hollywood Live, Dame Dash explained how he felt about his ex-wife Rachel Roy getting stung by a million Beyoncé fans after appearing to out herself as Jay Z’s ex-lover.


Dash’s complaints center around the harassment his family experienced, which is in line with Roy’s statement that she was bullied following her Instagram comeuppance. That came after she essentially named herself as the “Becky with the good hair” mentioned in Beyonce’s song “Sorry.” The reckoning was swift and sharp, and, according to Dash, has spilled over onto to their kids. In the interview, he tells hosts Kit Hoover and Arsenio Hall:

The only issue I had is them putting pressure on my children. And for me it’s the history between me and Jay and me being his partner at the time in Roc-A-Feller and Rocawear and all that and [his] best friend... Of course on a human level, it would bother me.

The worst disrespect of all time is to disrespect someone’s children... The way I was feeling about it, is that anyone who would harass a child is a coward. I have been in rap for a while but I have never had anyone disrespect my child.

Dash seems to be mainly talking about anonymous Internet commenters and not the Carter family, but it does feel as though he is blaming them a little bit, at least by proxy. If only Beyoncé hadn’t written that darn song!

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Global Beet

Maaaaaan, Dame Dash. I forgot that dude existed. Now I miss the days of Roc A Fella. Jim Jones, Camron, Juelz Santana, the rest of Dipset, The Young Gunz, Old Kanye West, Twista, Beanie Siegal, Freeway, Jigga, Old Dirty Bastard before he kicked the bucket.

This just makes me realize how garbage modern hip hop is. I’m 27 and I’m turning into an old man.

ETA: Also Dame needs to come get his cousin.