Dakota Johnson Really Loves Talking to Jimmy Fallon About Her Old, Beat-Up Truck

It often seems like Dakota Johnson really doesn’t want to be wherever she is when a camera is pointed at her, but you know: fair enough. The world is annoying and if I had to have a performative conversation with Jimmy Fallon, there’s no way I could stop the disinterest from wafting off me, either.

On last night’s Tonight Show, Fallon engaged a particularly low-energy Johnson in a conversation about her truck. It started like this:

Fallon: I want to talk to you about some cool thing I found out about you. You have a Ford F-150.

Johnson: I do.

Fallon: Me too.

Johnson: (Takes a beat to whisper) Cool.

Fallon: Yeah.

Johnson: Cool!

Fallon: It is cool, yeah!

Johnson: Yeah!

Fallon: That’s my favorite thing I own, it’s unbelievable. That’s my favorite thing I’ve ever invested money in.

Johnson: (Inhales)

Fallon: The Ford F-150. Do you have like what...what do you have? King Ranch? I have a King Ranch.

Johnson: Mine’s just a regular F-150. It’s a ‘95 F-150 though.

How riveted are you? More or less than Johnson? I guess it is interesting that Johnson, the daughter of two famous actors, is driving a 22-year-old F-150 that looks blue but she claims is green. She got if from her grandfather a few months ago.

Fallon: And is it the best thing you’ve ever driven ever?

Johnson: It is... um, not really. I mean, yes.

At least it’s reliable, right?

Fallon: Reliable? Is it reliable?

Johnson: Um, no.

I won’t deprive you of the joy of discovery by spoiling this scintillating conversation further.


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