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Daily Show Compares Trump Coverage to 'Excessive Masturbation'

Illustration for article titled iDaily Show /iCompares Trump Coverage to Excessive Masturbation

Jon Stewart admitted on The Daily Show that gleeful, wall-to-wall Donald Trump coverage is basically the same thing as frantically jacking it every hour on the hour. But can you blame them?


“We’ve been talking a lot about a certain Republican presidential candidate whose campaign has captured America’s inability to turn away from spectacular man-made disasters,” Stewart said at the opening of the show. “But much like excessive masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame. Not enough to stop you from doing it entirely, but enough to show you down a bit.”

“My point is this: Our incessant Trump-gazing has caused us to miss important non-Trump news,” he concluded, before turning the conversation to the Iran-nuclear deal.


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the only good thing to come out of this excessive trump coverage is that people are starting to realize just how mindblowingly fucking insane CNN has become.