Dads Chop Wood

Ladies, take note: This is what men do when you aren’t around. They chop wood cinematically with varying degrees of frustration directed at the wood.

Some good lessons in the supercut of dads (either official fathers or dudes who are just dads) in movies chopping wood. I won’t give them all away, but do remember to never talk to a man with an axe in his hand.

(Supercut entirely inspired by Michael Audet’s list on Letterboxd: “movies where a dad occasionally chops some fire wood with increasing intensity throughout the movie sometimes shirtless.”)

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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K so none of my male friends have children yet but we rented a cottage last summer that had a wood stove. I was being Cottage Mom and unpacking groceries while 6 grown men tried and failed to split this one piece of timber for like 10 straight mins. (They chose one with a knot in it...inexperience showing.) At this point, your girl swaggers out like “gimme that maul” and friggen’ splits the thing on the first swing, halves flying out in beautiful symmetric arcs. Then I dropped the maul without a word to get a glass of rosé.

This isn’t a humblebrag, it’s just a brag. Some men are bad at chopping wood.