Dad Tries and Fails to Get His Kids to Stop Singing 'Let It Go'

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A father in Kansas tried and failed to find a way to rid his home of the Oscar-winning song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

Dave Gass posted this picture to Reddit's r/funny forum earlier this week. The father of two daughters (ages 11 and 13) finally had enough of hearing "Let It Go" and tried to take some action to reclaim his sanity. Via Yahoo:

"I was like, 'I can't stand this madness anymore!'" Gass tells the Good News Blog. "So I made the board up as a joke. We got a chuckle out of it and my wife shook her head at me (it's how I know she loves me)."

While Gass says it's "not terribly serious," he has heard his fair share of musical covers, as his girls love Disney, and the repetition gets to him from time to time. His enforcement policy, however, is lacking. The tally of days without "Let It Go" has dropped to none.

"We are sitting securely at 0 days," Gass laughs. "We got up to 1 Sunday morning and then there was an incident in the afternoon, and then another one this morning. They girls are enjoying teasing me with it. One day at a time. Maybe if I change it to hours instead of days…"


Poor dad. Don't you know the power of Disney songs that enthrall young children cannot simply be overcome by your foolish dry erase boards?

And now, once again, we will listen to the greatest version of this song ever made EVER, period:

Image via Reddit.

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Back in my day, I belted "A PART OF YOUR WORLD" in the shower over and over. for months It was only about a year later, when my brother was belting the Pretty Woman song in the shower than I learned that, no, the shower is not soundproof and you can hear the singing clear as day everywhere in the house.