Back-to-school time can be stressful for everyone, but it became especially stressful for one Greenfield, Ind. high school student when her father, irate over an issue with her school’s dress code, got into an argument with school administrators that ended with him being Tased. Thanks, Dad, for ruining high school.

According to a report in Greenfield’s Daily Reporter, Jason D. Whitehouse’s daughter had recently gotten in trouble for violating the school’s dress code. Whitehouse wanted to speak with an administrator about the incident, which eems reasonable enough, but that’s about where this prosaic parent-principal conference stops sounding reasonable. Even though his daughter hadn’t been sent home over the dress code infraction (she had a change of clothes with her at school) and the school hadn’t called her home, Whitehouse reportedly grew very agitated throughout the meeting he initiated, until he was eventually asked to leave the school. He refused, which is when school called the trigger-happy authorities:

The high school contracts with local police officers to work security in the building during the school day for safety purposes. Greenfield police Sgt. Rick Wilcher, who was working security at the high school at the time of incident Wednesday, intervened when the argument began to get out of hand. He escorted Whitehouse from the high school.

After Whitehouse left the building with Wilcher, he pulled away and turned toward him aggressively, as though he might be ready to throw a punch, police said.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Jarrod Bradbury, who had been patrolling in the area and stopped to assist, shot Whitehouse with his Taser.

Whitehouse was then arrested without incident, but, otherwise, nobody was injured during the scuffle. I’m sure Whitehouse’s daughter won’t hear anything more about this incident for the remainder of her high school career because teenagers are a really understanding and sympathetic bunch.

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