DaBaby Had Really High and Really Low 24 Hours

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DaBaby had a roller coaster of a Monday. The Grammy-nominated rapper, whose government name is Jonathan Kirk, gave out presents and gifts to more than 200 kids in Charlotte before his Monday night concert. Then DaBaby had a concert at the Bojangles Coliseum, where the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department arrested him on suspicion of drug possession after the show.


DaBaby got to the show just before 9 p.m., NBC-affiliate station WCNC reported. CMPD released a statement that during the show security smelled “a strong odor of marijuana” from the rapper’s white Dodge Charger. “Officers approached the white Dodge Charger and indicated they observed marijuana in plain view inside the Dodge Charger while utilizing their flashlights,” the CMPD said in a statement.

The charges were later dropped to two citations. WCNC reported that Kirk was cited for “misdemeanor possession of marijuana” and for resist, obstruct and delay.” DaBaby maintains that the police were making an illegal search.

Police report said officers found less than one half of an ounce of marijuana worth approximately $45, WCNC reported. There’s an internal affairs investigation launched to see if officers followed department policies during the investigation, according to the department’s statement.

DaBaby said on Tuesday that he will be releasing “high resolution” footage of the incident. “We gone let the police department use the local news channels to cover their tracks then I’ll give the world our perspective. Keep in mind we have high resolution video and audio over here at the hottest label in the world,” DaBaby tweeted.



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