D.C. Police Officer Allegedly Threatens to Shoot The First Lady

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A police officer in the District of Columbia's Special Operations Division, which is tasked with providing motor escorts for the First Family, was allegedly overheard telling his fellow officers that he was going to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama. Though details of the incident aren't yet clear, the department's Internal Affairs Division is currently investigating the allegations, and has moved the officer to desk duty for possibly being, at the very least, stupid, and, at the very worst, a dangerous, gun-toting creep.


Investigating officials say that, during a conversation with fellow members of the Special Operations Division, the suspected officer threatened to shoot the First Lady, and even pulled out his cellphone to show his stunned audience the gun he would use to do it. Another officer overheard the threat, and immediately informed a police lieutenant, who assigned the offending officer to desk duty pending the results of an investigation. D.C. police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump released a statement explaining that the department was investigating the officer's alleged comments, but had little more to add to the initial report.

There's a rule about threatening to shoot the President or any member of his family and, though I could be mistaken, I'm pretty sure it goes something like this: never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do it. Ever. Especially if you're a cop tasked with providing motor escorts for the First Family.


D.C. officer allegedly made threatening comments about first lady [WaPo]

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Never, EVER has a president and his family been treated with the shocking disrespect that this president has. It is really disgusting. Especially since it came from the same assholes who called anyone who didn't agree with Bush Jr anti-American. Fuck this makes me angry. I don't care if it was a joke, this shit is NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE.