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Cynthia Nixon Says All the 'Outlandish' Sex Plots on SATC Actually Happened

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The sexual story lines on Sex and the City seemed fairly ridiculous at times and yet, also, relatable. That’s probably because they actually happened to someone in real life, according to Cynthia Nixon, aka Miranda, who once screwed a guy who enjoyed dirty talk and an occasional finger in his ass.


Nixon told IMDB Asks (in an interview with the great RETTA!) that the SATC writers had an explicit rule requiring that storylines be plucked from real life (something writers for the show have talked about more vaguely before).

Asked why fans are still obsessed with the series, Nixon credits the writers and says:

“Even though crazy and outlandish things happened in Sex and the City—fantastical things seemingly—they had a rule in the writer’s room that they couldn’t put anything in an episode that hadn’t literally happened to someone in the writers’ room or someone that they knew firsthand. It couldn’t be, like, my father’s brother’s sister’s shoe repair guy heard once—so the outlandish physical, sexual things that happened, they really happened. They’re not just tall tales.”


“Literally,” she says. Maybe this fun fact was revealed in an interview before, but let’s recap some of the freaky sex plots from SATC that all happened to someone:

Cynthia sleeps with a Catholic dude who showers after sex.

Samantha bones a guy who videotapes all his sexual experiences.

Charlotte dates an oral sex maestro named “Mr. Pussy.”

Carrie and Berger have terrible sex.

Miranda has a terrible hangover after fucking a hot detective, who leaves her a post-it with a number for AA.

Charlotte’s dude falls asleep mid-sex.

Samantha’s sports-crazed partner likes to have sex when his team wins.

Charlotte sees a man with anger issues who’s too medicated to perform.

Samantha has issues with a big-dicked dude.

Who among us hasn’t done any of this?

Illustration for article titled Cynthia Nixon Says All the Outlandish Sex Plots oni SATC /iActually Happened

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Let us not forget Jackrabbit Guy, who is probably the most unfortunate of all I’ve experienced.

+1000 terrible points for “I wouldn’t have made love to you like that if I knew you were using me” (or something to that effect).