CVS Employees Hide and Call Police After Black Man Tries to Buy Cheese

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

Two men in Richmond, Virginia were thrown out of a CVS after store employees hid themselves in the backroom and called the police. The crime: attempting to purchase cheese.


As Raw Story reports, Rick Berry and his roommate Philip Blackwell made a late-night CVS run in pursuit of cheese. They asked an employee if the store carried any, and were told no. Soon thereafter, all of the employees vanished.

Confused, Berry and Blackwell encountered another customer who was hoping to purchase Oragel for a bad tooth and, joining forces, attempted to seek out an employee.

“We looked around for 30, 45 minutes and couldn’t find anybody,” said Blackwell.

Eventually a police officer arrived on the scene and aided the men in their search. He located the employees hunkered behind a locked door, in the store’s backroom.

“[The officer] was laughing with us because, like, this is how weird, apocalyptic movies start,” explained Berry.

But then, the two men were told that they would have to vacate the store, or else be arrested.


“We [were] being kicked out because they were scared of us and hiding,” said Berry. “[The police officer] just told us that we need to leave the premises or else we would be arrested for trespassing, and that flipped the script on all of us. We had no idea what was going on.”

Berry and Blackwell were unsuccessful when they later tried to contact the store manager. However, a CVS spokesperson apologized to them on behalf of the store and assured them that the panicked employee who had called the cops was being “counseled and retrained.”


I am, again, legit horrified by race relations in this country - but how did they look around a CVS for 30-45 minutes?