Customs Officials Detain Justin Bieber at LAX, Won't Let Him into USA

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Justin Bieber was stopped and questioned today by US customs officials at LAX as he tried to enter the country after a trip to Japan. (At the time of this writing he was still being detained.) Officials wouldn't comment on the cause or nature of their suspicions, but the elfin song-angel was similarly detained in New Jersey in February after a tip indicated that he had marijuana-pot on board his private jet. So.

The beleaguered Canadian pop star hit a bump upon his return to the United States after touching down at LAX today on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo.

Eyewitnesses tell E! News that U.S. Customs officials have been questioning the 20-year-old for the last two hours inside the airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal. Bieber's entourage has been standing around waiting for him

Since being charged with driving under the influence in Miami in January, Bieber has traveled abroad, having immediately jetted off to Panama for some R&R after his Florida arrest. He is also facing an assault charge in his native Canada in connection with an alleged attack on a limo driver in Toronto back in December.


LOL @ "beleaguered." [E!]

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New Yorkers mistook Richard Gere for an actual homeless man when he was in character as a pretend homeless man.

Cameras planted across the street were filming the actor as he retrieved a hamburger from a trash can, ate it, accepted food in a plastic bag from a kindly stranger who had no idea he was in the middle of a scene, and meandered through Grand Central Station.

..."He looked like a natural homeless guy," said Mizan Rahman, 44, an expert on the subject of observing homeless people given that he lives in New York City. "He didn't seem like he was acting." Altogether, Rahman gives the actor two enthusiastic thumbs up, based on what he saw. "He was an excellent homeless man . . . He was putting his hand in the trash. He looked like a real homeless guy finding something . . . like the homeless men I see in many different places."


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Three sex abuse lawsuits against Kevin Clash—formerly the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street—have been dismissed.

The 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals made its ruling April 2 in the case of puppeteer Kevin Clash, who resigned from his job after allegations first surfaced in November 2012. The ruling agrees with a lower court's decision that the accusers waited too long to file their suits.

...The plaintiffs — all adult men who said they were courted and seduced by Clash when they were underage teenagers — appealed, arguing the six-year rule should have applied from 2012. That, they contended, was the year they realized they'd been harmed.

The appellate court ruled that the lower court properly dismissed the suits "given that the plaintiffs' complaints failed to provide any reason why the plaintiffs were unable to discover their injuries prior to 2012."


A fourth lawsuit, filed in Pennsylvania, is still pending. [CNN]

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