Current Owners of American Horror Story 'Murder House' Claim It's Haunted by Fans of the Show

Photo: FX
Photo: FX

On Tuesday, CBS News reported that the “Murder House” featured in the first season of the FX TV series American Horror Story is embroiled in a lawsuit filed by its current owners.

The couple who own the property, Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold, are suing the former owners and the realtors who helped negotiate the sale of the Los Angeles property, claiming they were not aware at the time of purchase that the house was assailed on a regular basis by trespassing fans. Shots of the house, known as the Rosenheim Mansion were shown many times throughout AHS’s debut season in 2011.

Oakenfold told CBS News on Tuesday, “We have had several break-ins. We have on three or four occasions just in the last year had to call the police.” Additionally, the couple alleges that fans turn up at the property’s entrance on a daily basis to film and take selfies.


One time, said Oakenfold, a garbage truck driver lifted some teens so they could get a better look at the place. “He put them in the crane and elevated it,” Oakenfold claimed, “And I’m in the bathroom and I look out the window and there are teenagers screaming at me.”

In response to these allegations, the realtor said in a statement, “I have no doubt that the truthful facts of this case will resolve this matter in our favor.”

The couple is reportedly seeking unspecified damages in order to build some kind of fence or hedge.

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I would be annoyed by this too. It’s like being famous without the perks.

I ended up trying to watch AHS because I remember someone at rehab raving about it, and I did not like it at all. It was somehow both trying to be outrageous but also boring. And I like trashy tv.

I actually wish there were more trashy tv shows instead of all cops, doctors and superheroes. I miss a good nighttime soapy show.