In it, Katz notes that Bennett has, “provided detailed information about the sexually hostile work environment the Governor fostered in both his Manhattan and Albany offices and his deliberate effort to create rivalries and tension among female staffers on whom he bestowed attention.”


It looks as if these rivalries are now spilling outside of the workplace, and Cuomo supporters are desperate to twist the simple narrative of a bully accused of sexual misconduct into a tale of white women weaponizing their identities to get back at Cuomo. Here are the facts: Governor Cuomo is a well-documented bully who has spent much of his tenure pissing off fellow Democrats and supporting regressive policies lauded by Republicans. On top of that, in the last month alone, and his administration is accused of obscuring grisly covid-19 statistics and seven women have accused him of sexual misconduct. It’s not a conspiracy that elected officials all across the state of New York are ready to say good riddance—it’s common sense.