Crystal Renn Does The Splits In A New Cirque Du Soleil Editorial

Crystal Renn and Alana Zimmer star alongside Cirque du Soleil performers in this new editorial by Arthur Elgort for Vogue Russia. Read on for trapeze artists, jugglers, contortionists, and couture. Oh, and clowns. Lots of creepy clowns.


Warned you.

The most impressive picture? Obviously the one where Crystal Renn does the splits across those two dudes' shoulders. That is just cool.


It's not clear why Alana Zimmer has to pose next to the convict-clown in the striped pajamas, but she makes the best of it.


She's all like, 'Hell no, frog people, I won't go swimming with you. This dress costs 100,000 rubles.'


Just another day hard at work, fighting the clowns.

Circus Circus! []
Alana Zimmer and Crystal Renn by Arthur Elgort [TFS]

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