Crime Time

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Friday, again! Who’s ready to cry?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • What time? Crime time. [ABC News]
  • Brett Kavanaugh, who is nice to women he knows personally through shared socio-economic and professional circles, was also nice to these women. Good thing he’s nominated for a lifetime appointment to the Nice to the Women I Know Court. [The National Law Journal]
  • Union busting is disgusting, particularly when done by nominally progressive organizations or media outlets (not that I know anything about that, personally). [Huffington Post]
  • Queen, alone. [Twitter/the Daily Telegraph]
  • Former President George W. Bush, who signed the bill creating the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says he is “disturbed” by the current immigration debate and thinks our system is broken. You little bitch! [CNN]
  • A report released Friday by the Office of Inspector General for the Department Health and Human Services found that of 21 trips taken by former Secretary Tom Price, 20 did not comply with federal regulations. That’s a 95 percent scam rate. Damn. [The Los Angeles Times]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag.

Senior editor, Jezebel


Mortal Dictata

So today I went on the anti-Trump March and it was a very raucous affair, outnumbering wotsit’s own inauguration crowd, with everyone loudly demonstrating how much they detest the man. The crowd was so large that it kept having to stop start to avoid overcrowding the end goal of Trafalgar Square and contained all sorts from Brits and American expats to a variety of Europeans and even those from further afield.

At the Square itself there was a wide array of speakers and performances from around the world ranging from talks on climate change, Palestine, and equality to a mariachi band playing “born in America”. After several hours the thing was wrapped up with a recorded speech by one of the founders of BLM in the US.

Of course it couldn’t all be good news. At one point a lone Nazi tried to storm and provoke the crowd, I had to tell an SWP guy where to shove it with his rape apologist party when he kept trying to force signs into mine and other people’s hands instead of the ones we had which lead him to try and destroy mine (btw from the looks of them SWP are now heavily recruiting zealous students who should know better from Stand Up To Racism giving they kept flitting between the two (not criticising SUTR, just some who associate with them)), Chris Williamson MP and others played apologist for the killing of protesters by Venezuela, and Red Len and Medicore Messiah both appeared for all of five minutes to steal the limelight and then bugger off without listening to anyone who wasn’t a rich White guy playing radical.

Overall though it was a great day with a great atmosphere targeting a megalomaniac nutter in the Very White House and forcing him to abandon the capital, though I feel sorry for the police who’d been deployed on 12 hour shifts just in case anything happened (it didn’t) and will now have to do the same for the fascist protests tomorrow where no doubt either fascists or anarchists will try and start something.