Creepy Politicians Make Even Creepier Doctors in New Pro Choice Ads

Over the last few years, legislative attempting to interfere in a woman's medical decisions have become so dizzyingly commonplace that it's hard to keep track of who is attacking what, and where. Now, thanks to a new push from the ACLU, following of all the places legislators are working overtime to prove they don't trust you is easier than ever.

The above video comes to Jezebel readers first from Stand Together, an ACLU project that focuses specifically on fighting the erosion of abortion rights at the state level. (Fun fact for people who like laffs: the doctor is played by none other than The Onion's Joe Garden.)

But Stand Together is more than a wryly funny video and a nice-looking website; the project keeps interested parties up to date on what's going on from state to state and tells them who to contact regarding the latest regional fuckery. Here's more on what Stand Together aims to do, from a release from the organization.

So far this legislative session, we've seen more than 300 attacks on reproductive health care in 38 different states. The bills being debated this year not only mandate political intrusion in private medical decisions, they also threaten to block the use of common fertility treatments, emergency contraception, and abortion. This extreme political agenda is happening inside our state capitols, where we are fighting daily to make sure these dangerous bills don't become law.


The ACLU has a long history of opposing right wing attacks against contraception and abortion, along with other organizations like the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Center for Reproductive Rights. This latest slickly designed push aims to "engage new audiences," which is PR-speak for "get the youths to give a hoot."

While it's always good to have more tools at our disposal to fight for reproductive freedom, it's a shame a specific abortion-defending entity is necessary in the first place.

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