Creedbombing Is the New Rickrolling and It's More Terrible and Beautiful Than You Could Imagine

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At least one good thing is coming out of the NFL these days (besides, you know, “sport,” or whatever): a group of Carolina Panthers players have invented “Creedbombing,” the practice of screaming Creed lyrics at someone when they least expect it. Take us higher, boys!


Creedbombing began with Carolina Panthers linebacker Ben Jacobs, tight end Greg Olsen, and athletic performance analyst Brett Nenaber trying to out-surprise each other with the terrible shock of a Creed song during practice or in the locker room.

“The key is you’ve got to make really deep, direct eye contact,” Jacobs told the Charlotte Observer. “So if you Creedbomb someone you’ve got to look them directly in the eye.”


Jacobs further explains:

“We were just talking about how when we were younger bands like Creed and Nickelback were big. We were laughing with the raspy voices and how much we still kind of liked the songs. It just started turning into singing it randomly, you don’t even think about it. It’s taken on a life of its own.”

But before you start thinking “Hey, this is pretty funny. Maybe the NFL isn’t so bad after all,” consider this:

Jacobs admitted he listened to Creed as recently as last week.

Hm, looks like I’ll continue to reject this stupid sport. To clarify, I am talking about football. Creedbombing, on the other hand, I accept... with arms wide open.


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darleeeeeene aka deraaiilleeeeeene

I would murder anyone who creedbombed me.