Creator of Those Awful Celeb Holograms Accused of Forcing Employees to Watch His Homemade Porn

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

I know you didn’t need another reason to hate holograms of dead celebrities (particularly one this upsetting) but TMZ reports Thursday that Alki David, creator of those Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms whose “performances” made major headlines over the past few years, is being sued by a former employee named Grant Zimmerman who “claims Alki’s workplace was rife with sexual harassment.”

In addition to “forcing” employees to watch pornographic videos at work—from Two Girls, One Cup to homemade videos of him and his wife having sex—Zimmerman claims to have seen David “touch a female employee’s breast, and also enter the women’s restroom while employees were in there.” Per TMZ, he’s asking for “more than a million bucks in damages.”

For more on David, check out this lengthy Hollywood Reporter profile from 2012. In it, you’ll find anecdotes like this:

Alki, after changing $1,500 silk shirts twice so he’ll look good on camera, regales a crowd of admirers with the tale of how a few days earlier he phoned his wife’s modeling agency pretending to be a john requesting a hooker.


Quotes from Andy Dick (of all people) like this:

“I’ve tried to figure him out. I can’t. The only thing I can think of is that he got billions from his inheritance. That has got to skew your brain.”

And this kicker:

“Once you get past this image of an eccentric billionaire doing these acts of ridiculous Impressionism,” says Alki of his business philosophy, “I am more of a Dali than a Picasso.”

It is worth noting that neither of them was a realist.

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OK who else was thinking that the guy was making CG porn of dead celebrities fucking and forcing his employees to watch it?