The show brought us Bristol Palin awkwardly shimmying across our minds and hearts, but Dancing With The Stars' UK predecessor Strictly Come Dancing brings us something even more wonderful.

Conservative Ann Widdecombe manages to suck awesomely on the dance show, and her reputation and public persona only serve to enhance the degree of suckawesome.

According to NPR's Monkey See blog,

As Reeves explains, this season features Ann Widdecombe, a conservative politician often perceived as, he says, a "noisy busybody." Now: she is not a good dancer. In fact, she is really, really not a good dancer, but she has won herself some fans based on the sheer spectacle of her bad dancing which, I have to say, puts to shame most bad dancers that have ever appeared on the U.S. Dancing.

I implore you, readers: watch this video. It's magical. Simply magical.

We Dare You To Stop Watching This British Politician Dance To 'Wild Thing' [NPR]