Craigslist Killer Lends Urgency To Campaign Against "Adult Services"

Illustration for article titled Craigslist Killer Lends Urgency To Campaign Against Adult Services

In response to accused "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff's suicide, attorneys general from 17 states have sent a letter to Craigslist CEOs urging them to shut down the site's "Adult Services" section because it promotes prostitution and sex trafficking.


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I worked at an alternative weekly paper back before CL was available in [that city] and the day classified ads were due there was a line of sex workers and pimps out the door. They came in, paid cash, and put their ads in the paper. This was the routine every week at the ad deadline, and there were never any cops hanging around trying to "protect" the women on the pimps' arms who were taking out ads like "College redhead cherry pie $250 outcall special." I mean, what the fuck do they think they're advertising? Takeout pizza? We who worked at the paper very clearly knew what they were adveritsing, the sex workers/pimps knew that we knew, and I can only assume that anyone who read the paper understood what the ads meant.