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Craigslist Can No Longer Help You Get An Erotic Massage Anywhere

Illustration for article titled Craigslist Can No Longer Help You Get An Erotic Massage Anywhere

Craigslist, which has caught flack in the US for providing users quick access to illegal sexual services, unceremoniously pulled its "Adult Services" section from international versions of the site. Guess back to "Casual Encounters" again for me.


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When I was in the business so to speak, I briefly considered using a service like this, but given that I was absolutely in the closet about what I was doing it seemed much too dangerous, and I worked with an agency which, yes, got a cut of my earnings but when I went to clients someone knew where I was and there was a man in a car outside.

The sex workers I knew/know who use Craigslist or similar are mostly either already working already, in the low or middle tier of the industry, and are doing this to earn a little extra "off the books", or they're on the upper tier and are generally very attractive and high maintenance looking and therefore charge a lot more, and have other means of maintaining a client base.