Cover Story on the Women's March Sends Mixed Symbols

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The planned Women’s March may be gearing up to be one of the biggest inauguration weekend protests ever, but there’s clearly still some education that needs to happen before January 21.


Washington Post’s magazine Express had a bit of a snafu on Thursday, when their cover story about the march showed a ring of what were probably supposed to be women forming the male gender symbol. The symbolism is likely not what the art director intended, unless they are a very excellent troll.

Illustration for article titled Cover Story on the Womens March Sends Mixed Symbols

Express’s Executive Editor Dan Caccavaro and Creative Director Jon Benedict did not immediately return phone calls to The Washingtonian, but they did soon tweet about their error and present the more appropriate visual representation of the planned event:

One wonders if there are no women in the Express newsroom or, if there are, were they either unfamiliar with the gender symbols or simply curious to see how it would all play out? The Washingtonian reports that Express’s first tweet on the matter, which has since been deleted, misspelled the word “erroneously.” That’s a mistake anyone could make. We all make mistakes. Sometimes they’re just a little too on the nose.

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Global Beet

I tell the two symbols apart with a mnemonic device that associates the arrow pointing up with an erect penis. I know I’m not the only one who does this, at least I hope not.