Courtney Stodden Has Breasts Expertly Examined To Prove She Is Rilly Rill

How many times has Courtney Stodden claimed that her body is "really real"? Maybe the same number of times she's licked her lips in an interview. But this afternoon, Courtney and hubby Doug appeared on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers to prove the haters wrong, once and for all.


Dr. Drew brought a plastic surgery specialist to examine Courtney's smile lines, eyelids, eyebrows, and breasts. When the doctor remarked that her face looks much older than she is, bonehead Doug asked, "Why would somebody want to look older?" Dr. Drew responded with, "to create less of a firestorm when you marry a girl 35 years younger." The audience hollered, and an obviously embarrassed Doug said, "touché." After Stodden's face was deemed "suspicious" but cleared, it was onto her beautifully bodacious bosom. The audience was treated to an ultra-sound of Stodden's chest area, where the doctor discovered a "circular object." Courtney shot up in the examination chair and spouted, "Somebody must have drugged me up and put me under their surgery knife cause I've had no surgery done!" Later, the doctors finally gave in, saying "I guess she was telling us the truth." Gee, that sounds like a "really real," legitimate medical opinion!

In addition to all the examination hoopla, Dr. Drew took a little time to try give the lovebirds a reality check. We found out that Courtney's father wanted to "shank Doug" when he first found out about their love affair! Dr. Drew became excited and said, "Okay, good! So somebody is having a sane reaction." Also during the show, Court and Doug refused to admit that some people find their relationship distasteful, insisting that the public response falls on "both sides of the coin." Sure it does, guys! Pro tip: appearing on a daytime talk show just for the sake of talking about your body might not be winning over any of your non-fans.



These two are my very favorite train wreck. Go ahead, judge me all you want - my husband already does. But I am utterly FASCINATED by this girl. I go back and forth between pity, because she is clearly a damaged girl to "there is NO WAY that woman is 17" to my current theory; she's actually an alien sent here to observe our reproductive habits. Her research team didn't do a very good job, obviously.