Courtney Stodden: Before And After

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A photo of a young-looking Courtney Stodden has surfaced, and it's kind of weird and kind of sad. Blog Crazy Days And Nights credits Facebook as the source of said image, but gives no further information about how long ago the photo was taken. So I guess it's time to play "What The Hell Do YOU Think Happened To Courtney Stodden?"


If I had to wager a guess as to her age at left, my non-expert opinion is that she looks all of thirteen or fourteen years old. And it seems like many possible things could occurred since that photo was taken: Boob job? Lip injections? Something around the eyes? Who can say. All we know is that Courtney Stodden went through something to become the woman she is today. (The woman whose face is so comically familiar it's now become a joke in the form of a Halloween mask). It's all right there in front of us.

[Crazy Days And Nights via The Gloss]

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Can we maybe not snark at the teenage girl who's acting out in ways that are entirely characteristic of victims of child abuse*? Thanks?

* By which I don't even mean her marriage to the creepy dude from XFiles. Something very obviously happened to his kid long before she ever met that guy, and given how her parents have handled that situation, I'd be willing to put money on them being at least passively complicit if not worse.