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Courtney Love's Journey Into Style Will Be Animated For Your Pleasure

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Courtney Love hired Michael Mouris to create a short animated video about her life. Karl Lagerfeld comes to her and tells her she is "drowning in the kook," like a Teutonic fairy godmother of style. It is awesome. [WWD]
  • Abercrombie & Fitch has been fined over $1 million by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Though the agency does not believe Abercrombie knowingly hired people unauthorized to work in the U.S., it did find immigration violations at Abercrombie's Michigan stores. [AP]
  • Kim Kardashian did a shoot with Terry Richardson where she wore a dress that was a very interesting combination of stretch velvet, leopard print, and lace. [Kim Kardashian]
  • The photographer, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous models, also recently shot the Latvian Ginta Lapina for an Yves Saint Laurent Beauté campaign. Lapina was "discovered" at age 14 by another noted industry creep, Jean Luc Brunel. [Design Scene]
  • Daisy Lowe: "I think the female form is the most beautiful thing on the planet. One of my aims is to make women feel better about themselves, and my body makes me proud to be a woman." Modeling has not necessarily helped her on this journey. "My mother has always treated me as her equal, so I grew up comfortable in my own skin. But modelling is difficult and behind closed doors, I began to feel really insecure. People were going on about me having bad skin and I was beating myself up over every picture." Nor have the tabloids: "You try and block things out, but when you see your cellulite circled in magazines by women who want to feel better about themselves, it's really sad." [Telegraph]
  • Pierre Cardin licensed his name into ridicule, and now he feels "ashamed" of it. [WWD]
  • Prada, which says it manufactures around 85% of its goods in Italy but also sources from China and India, is going to put country of origin labels on its products. "‘Made in Italy' — who cares? It's not a brand strength if you have to defend your work," says Miuccia Prada. What constitutes "making" a garment in a given place is still undefined. Prada, like many luxury companies, has been accused of constructing most of a bag or article of clothing overseas and then shipping it to Italy for finishing touches, like buttons, to be applied so a "Made in Italy" tag can be affixed. [IHT]
  • Sally Singer is among the editors who very much approved of this season in Milan. "Fewer celebrities (Kylie and Megan and Jada not withstanding), random distributions of free apples and healthy snacks, no dismal convention center (so long black hole known as the Fiera) and, wow, diversity on the catwalks. And then the clothes: it was a season with few misses and quite a few hits. Armani's Touareg blue collection ended the week on a serene high note: his long evening columns paired with flats were completely right and completely Armani. As were Dolce & Gabbana's white lace sheaths and suits (hello, brides of 2011: here reside your wedding dresses). As were Roberto Cavalli's shimmering mermaid groupies…And on and on. Marni was fabulously Marni — stripes! prints! scuba! — and Pucci hotter than an Ibizan beach at Easter." [T]
  • Buyers also liked Milan's bright colors. [WSJ]
  • André Leon Talley: "I love sitting through long things. I mean, Gone With the Wind I will sit through; I love sitting somewhere for four hours, for anything. I love being on a train. I love sitting down for four hours. I think it's the most wonderful thing to be able to sit somewhere and concentrate on something for more than two hours. I just went to Bayreuth for 'Lohengrin,' for Wagner, and that was fabulous, and I loved sitting on those hard benches for three hours" But there are limits. "Waiting in line for something mundane is very boring." Like a fashion show with Foxy Brown? "Waiting for my doctor to see me and waiting for my dentist to see me, yes, that is boring." [The Cut]
  • Lucky is launching a kids' magazine. The first three issues will come as a supplement to the main mag next year. [WWD]
  • Stylist Tina Chai: "One of the really amazing things about fashion is that it allows you to act out your fantasies. I can be all the things I'm not: I can dress like a sailor, even though I get horribly sick at sea; I can wear something really sporty, even though I'm the most uncoordinated person on the planet." [The Cut]
  • Liza Minnelli likes her new album cover. "Have you ever seen so much retouching?" [WWD]
  • Bobbi Brown: "I tell girls all the time, 'Be careful what photos you put up on the Internet! Once it's on there, it's out there forever.' I once caught my niece with a really provocative picture up — she had her hair over her eyes, and black eyeliner on. She was twelve at the time. So I called her up immediately and said, 'Get that picture off the internet!' Also, I think a lot of TV shows, whether it's 'Gossip Girl' or some of the other ones, show these beautiful, sophisticated girls wearing really expensive clothes, and that is not real or attainable for most girls. So I think it was important for me to show that you can be a nice, simple girl and still look great." [The Cut]
  • Liz Claiborne finally found a successor for Juicy Couture co-founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy: American Eagle Outfitters designer LeeAnn Nealz. Erin Fetherston, who consulted with the label on a holiday collection, will leave Juicy as planned next year. [WWD]
  • Kristy Fraser-Kirk, a former publicist who is now suing the Australian department store David Jones over alleged sexual harassment, has lost her bid to have five other female David Jones employees testify anonymously about their own alleged harassment at the company, and her lawyers must now reveal the witnesses' identities to the defense in order for them to present their evidence. Fraser-Kirk is suing David Jones and its former C.E.O., Mark McInnes, as well as nine of David Jones directors for allegedly ignoring the sexual harassment. McInnes quit his position and admitted to inappropriate conduct towards Fraser-Kirk when the allegations came to light. [SMH]
  • Now that the bankrupt house of Gianfranco Ferré has new owners, designers Tomamaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi may be on their way out. [Fashionologie]
  • H&M's profits grew by 22.6%, year-on-year, during the third quarter. [WWD]
  • People are buying jeans made from non-pre-washed "raw" denim and wearing these jeans for months on end without washing because they covet the unique little imprints of their unique little iPhones and keys and their unique little hip wrinkles. They are blogging about this, some of them, obviously. [AOL]
  • Or, if you prefer, you could buy this chambray-shirt-and-jeans onesie from Levi's. [Racked]