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Courtney Love Wants To Save Ke$ha From Herself

With fashion, C-Love likes the DIY look — she made ruffles out of Kurt's old flannels, after all. In this backstage-beauty video from Nylon, Courtney also talks about her deliberately not-pretty makeup, and says Ke$ha could use some help:

I saw this picture of Ke$ha at Lollapalooza and I put her on my TwitPic because I thought she was, like, a cute, cool girl … And then I heard [the song]! Sweetie, I need to fix your shit!


This coming from a woman who probably has brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack. Ke$ha, seek her assistance.

Courtney Love [Nylon TV]

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I don't really think Courtney is in a position to advise other people on how to do pretty much anything. We all know about how you used to be awesome Courtney, but it doesn't mean your credibility as a rock star still stands.

I might cut her some slack if her new single wasn't crap, but I'm afraid it is.