Courtney Love Is on YouTube and Pinterest. Enjoy.

Courtney Love is officially not being sued for "Twibel" (Twitter libel) any longer, which means she can devote all her energy to her true passions: starting a YouTube channel and continuing to develop her many Pinterest boards.

"I'm the first person to go on trial for defamation for a tweet," Courtney explains in the kick-off video for her channel, making it seem as though her controversial choices on that social media platform prompted her move her sights to a different one. Whether she's done it to diversify her content or to get out of trouble, it's unclear, though a title card prompts viewers to "SUBSCRIBE B%TCHES" in typical Courtney Love fashion.


Though she seems excited about the channel ("I've said "no" so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything."), Love's YouTube comments demonstrate that her Pinterest is clearly her one true passion:

Her Pinterest (handle: "COURTNEYLOVE666") includes a number of well-curated boards, each of which is apparently designated for different projects Love is working on. Highlights include:

"bad bad men no y chromosome" which is just...stuff she doesn't like?


"justifying the y chromosome stolen from miss perii lyons,help us do it!~" has a lot of photos of Kurt Cobain:


"Robert Redford. imean sometimes, the guy had it, not really in 'downhill raceer'; tho i could not watch it he was way too pretty and sort of not doing it for me wierd with the complexion too, sorry."

And "brides" aka what Pinterest was made for:


There are multiple boards devoted to pretty women (Gwyneth is featured prominently) and many with interior design ideas for Love's homes. Twitter might not be a safe space for Love, but for the time being, these places are.

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