Court Allows Single-Sex Dorms To Continue The Fight Against Female Whorishness

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A complaint that alleges that Catholic University's reversion back to single sex dorms constitutes discrimination has been dismissed by a DC human rights council. Over protests of the student body and some faculty members, university residences will now begin splitting up men and women, which means that the window for slutty wanton women of Catholic U to destroy their own lives and the lives of their weak male counterparts is rapidly closing.


According to the Washington Post, the ruling means the school will begin phasing co-ed dorms out starting with freshman residences next year. The phase-out will follow the incoming freshman class, and by 2015, all of the dorms will separate the women from the men. The majority of Catholic University's dorms— 11 of 17— are currently co-ed.

Back in June, new Catholic University president John Garvey raised some eyebrows with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that explained his reasoning for the retro social engineering. In his terribly dumb letter, he explained that this move was for the good of the women of the school, who according to science become depressed when they have too many sexual partners and who according to him are causing the university's men to have no choice but to drink and stick their weens into them. Thus, students must be separated by sex. It's really for the good of the poor evil yet somehow hapless little girls who can't make decisions for themselves, you see.

A George Washington University law professor claimed that this constituted discrimination, but the Washington DC Office of Human Rights disagreed. Title IX specifically states that sex specific university housing does not violate human rights.

School administrators hope that segregating the students by sex will lead to less extremely sinful drinking and unCatholic premarital fucking, but research suggests that putting men and women in separate living quarters doesn't really stop young people from becoming genitally acquainted. And anecdotally, as someone who attended a university with sex segregated dorms and fairly strict visiting hours that were enforced by security guards, there was plenty of high stupidity drinking and entire strategy guides for circumventing the rules designed to discourage fornicating. Hussiness abounded. In fact, it seemed that some highly driven and intellectually curious fellow students of mine took the rules like a challenge.

Lady promiscuity and the ensuing social moral decay is not something that can be stopped by anything short of divine intervention, but kudos to Catholic University for fighting against the facts, anyway.


Catholic University's same-sex dorms deemed legal [WaPo]

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I understand the inclination to keep those slutty kids from slutting it up with each other, and that single-sex dorms/visitation hours are a way to pretend that nobody is having sex on campus. I understand that some men/women prefer not to share living space with the opposite gender unless they're related.

...And that's why there should be single-sex dorms available AND co-ed, so that nobody HAS to live somewhere they feel uncomfortable.

My problem with this (aside from the infantilization of college students, especially women in college) is...what about the gay/lesbian and transgender students? How will they be housed? Will this school does what my (southern Baptist) college does, and house based on birth/physical gender (or isolate "deviants")? Will those kids have to pay out-of-pocket for off-campus housing? Will they even be admitted?

Anecdata: My college (two weeks till I graduate, hell yes) follows the "if we don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist" perspective; a gay male friend of mine was in a private room between the two floor RA rooms because they didn't want him "harassing" a roommate, a lesbian friend is in a single at the end of the hallway and only has suitemates who know about her "sin life", both spend all free time (outside of classes, class-related extracurriculars, and sports/music) at church or Bible study events, neither date people on campus or talk about dating. Both have been asked out by opposite-gender individuals in attempt to "fix" them and are the subjects of prayer requests (which is why I don't go to any of the optional religious services on campus). And while I'm sure they both appreciate the privacy (I've only shared a room one year), they both pay extra for the "privilege". Another girl was "encouraged" to move off-campus because she was more flirtatious with hall neighbors. Yet another student identifies as male, but is in a girls' dorm based on physical characteristics (and if people knew, "Magic" would face serious hell — well, maybe if "Magic" wasn't as strong an individual; "Magic" is the human honeybadger).

But, yeah — this is problematic in so many ways. Not only does this encourage the idea that young adults can't make their own decisions, but it makes life harder for LGBT students.