Court Affirms Prostitute’s Right to Rent a Room

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An Australian court in Canberra has ruled that a prostitute was illegally discriminated against when a motel owner refused to rent her a room, and the decision is forcing hotels to reconsider some of their written and unwritten rules about barring sex workers from renting rooms. After the management at a motel in the town of Moranbah wouldn't rent her a room, the women took her discrimination case to the Queensland state Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which then upheld the claim.

According to David Edwards, the motel's lawyer, the woman will now seek damages to the tune of $32,000. This case, notes Accommodation Association of Australia chief executive Richard Munro, should also force the Queensland and Australian governments to revise some of their laws about who has the authority to bar whom from a hotel or motel, considering there are probably far weirder things than people having sex for money happening behind the closed doors of motels all throughout the Outback.

Australian court says motel can't ban prostitute [CBS News]

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Slightly unrelated funny story time:

When I was in my early 20s, I was working in London and stayed in a hotel for a week. It was an okay hotel, very businessy but not fancy. Some of my co-workers (all men) came by from time to time and twice one of them came up to my room for no other reason than to walk me all the way to my room and to grab some papers I had in there. I also was dating a guy who came buy and went to my room with me a few times for another reason entirely, but didn't spend the night.

The entire time I was there, the guy at the front desk looked at me like with a kind of vitriol reserved for kitten murderers.

I couldn't figure out WHY he was so irritated by me every time I walked through the lobby. It wasn't until I lost my wallet briefly only to have it returned without any cash or ATM cards in it and he saw my boyfriend pulling out his wallet and giving me some cash to tide me over that I realized he thought I'd set up shop in his hotel for the week.

It sort of all hit me at once and later at dinner my boyfriend nearly choked on his food while I recounted my sudden Usual Suspects-esque recall of all these little moments that must have led up to this guy's conclusion.