Okay, I am a sucker for pregnancy announcement videos (or maybe a glutton for teary-eyed emotional punishment), but this couple has figured out a pretty perfect way to surprise their loved ones with baby news and of course film their reaction.


It's so simple and so clever. Step one, line your friends up to take a group picture. Step two, instead of saying, "Say Cheese," say, "Say Kat's pregnant!" Step three, cash in on the priceless reactions. Well done Kat and Kris.

P.S. This young lady at 1:54 should win an award for "Wait, what? I don't know why everyone's so excited, she doesn't look pregnant, so I guess I'll just make this face."

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I'm at that point in my life where lots of my friends are getting pregnant and having babies. Every time someone tells me they're pregnant, I'm unsure if I should say "Congratulations!" or "On purpose?" And this is how I know that I am not yet ready to procreate.