Viktor and Aneta Urich have just welcomed their 100th grandchild into the world. Their newest grandson, Henry, was born two weeks ago, and the couple, who live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, are thrilled to add yet another grandkid to the list: "We were happy and we were waiting for it. We want to have a party in the church with all the family together."

For the Urichs, getting the family together isn't as easy as it is for most people. They have 16 children, plus their spouses, plus their 100 grandchildren. With numbers like that, an Urich family gathering is larger than many people's weddings! It's hard to imagine being able to keep track of all the kids' and grandkids' names, but Viktor says they can do it: "There are a few hard years, but when the children grow up, it gets easier." Let's hope they've not gotten in the habit of buying all the grandchildren birthday presents, or they'd probably be bankrupt by now.

As strikingly large and difficult to manage as the Urich family sounds, 16 children is three less than the Duggars have now. When watching 19 Kids and Counting, it's easy to get distracted by Josh and Anna's two kids and think, "Oh, weird, Jim Bob and Michelle are grandparents, even though they're still having children themselves!" But stop and think for a second about what will happen when Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Jukebox, JuicyCouture, Jezebel, Jamboree, etc. all start breeding. If they each have as many—or even half as many—kids as their parents had, we're talking about potentially hundreds of additional Duggars who could be clogging up our airwaves over the next few decades. We're going to need a whole new channel dedicated just to showing episodes of Duggars: The Next Generation.

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Image via Vladimir Wrangel/Shutterstock.