Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal Sure Watch a Lot of Gay Porn

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As Uganda battles to pass the anti-gay bill which would jail offenders for life (and has already overseen dozens of arrests), it seems that they have a huge force to contend with: the voice/search results of the people. Scott Bixby at the Daily Beast reports that of the top countries who search for gay porn, nearly all of them have criminalized same-sex sex, relationships, marriages, etc. Uganda itself ranks third for googling "man fucking man."

Other top countries looking up some hot gay action? Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Ethiopia, all of which have outlawed same sex relations. But as Bixby points out, this ain't exactly news:

According to the Journal of Economic Perspectives, straight-laced Utah—site of the most recent dust-up in the battle over same-sex marriage in the U.S.—has America's highest online porn subscription rate per capita. Even on a personal level, empirical studies have suggested that self-identified "highly straight" individuals who favor anti-gay policies are more likely to tacitly harbor their own latent same-sex attractions.


Whether this is a case of legally forbidden fruit or a case of hypocrisy being inextricably bound to the act of arbitrarily attaching perversion and immorality to human behavior, why are governments mowing down the rights of their citizens and putting their lives at risk when everyone's just trying to enjoy some good ol' fashioned gay porn?

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Yeah, but the men in those countries will tell you that they only watch that horrible sinful gay porn for a few minutes and they don't even make it all the way to the end.