Costa Rica Has Elected the First Black Woman Vice President in All of Latin America

Epsy Campbell Barr—a left-leaning feminist economist, author, and cofounder of Costa Rica’s power-to-the-people Citizen’s Action Party—has become the first-ever black woman vice president in the Americas, and Costa Rica’s first Afro-Latina VP. She was chosen in a landslide along with President-elect Carlos Alvarado Quesada, a 38-year-old fellow member of Citizen’s Action Party; they ran on a platform of unity, infrastructure, and reducing inequality.


“It will be a responsibility not only to represent people of African descent,” Campbell Barr told CRHoy before the election, “but to represent all women and men in the country, a country that gives us all the same opportunities.” One of Campbell’s campaign points was a desire to reduce the gender pay gap in Costa Rica; she was also formerly the leader of the Center for Women of African Descent, the Alliance of Leaders of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Black Parliament of the Americas, and is outspoken about racism and sexism in Costa Rica. Here she is last night with President-elect Alvarado (who has a rather Trudeauian appeal...):

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The Noble Renard

Costa Rica is an amazing country and I encourage everyone to visit it! Incredibly beautiful locations and the people are just wonderfully nice; it’s also one of the only countries in the world without a standing army and is a nice bastion of stability in Latin America.

I hadn’t been following this election at all but I just read earlier today that her victory last night (and that of President Carlos Alvarado) was especially amazing because the pre-election polls had shown a lead for the anti-gay-marriage evangelical candidate who ran on a platform of rebuking a court ruling in favor of gay marriage. Carlos Alvarado ran on a platform of keeping religion out of politics, and he won decisively. How awesome!