Cosmetic Surgery Is a Personal Choice

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The Guardian reported on Thursday that an unnamed man who’d been wanted for drug trafficking for some 15 years was arrested on Tuesday by Spanish police who say he evaded authorities by getting implants in his fingertips.

These tiny implants are reportedly administered by cutting and burning the fingertip skin and replacing the removed skin with new fingerprints, which are a great way to feel more confident while steering clear of cops.

According to a statement from the Policía Nacional, “The suspect had modified and changed his fingerprints to such an extent that they were no longer recognizable.” In addition to the finger implants, he reportedly “had a hair transplant to avoid being recognized.” Cosmetic surgery always carries risks of course, but in this case it sounds like the procedures were successful and, ultimately, rewarding for the patient.


The Guardian elaborated on the man’s recent history:

“The man, who had been the subject of four arrest warrants, had used false documents in the name of a Peruvian citizen to travel around the world. He had also adopted the cover of being a Croatian citizen to avoid being tracked down.”

As we can see, the surgery is just one of several lifestyle choices that are interconnected and helped him to synthesize and achieve his goals. It might not be for everyone, but why judge, don’t you have a life to get back to?

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Let’s be honest ladies, who hasn’t considered getting their fingerprints surgically altered and adopting the identity of a Croatian citizen in order to evade the law at some point? I mean with Instagram and everything, the pressure is just so pervasive these days.