Cosby Faces Yet Another Defamation Lawsuit From Another Alleged Victim

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Following Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit, filed in May of this year, Bill Cosby has been hit with legal action again—this time from a woman named Kristina Ruehli.


Ruehli, according to the New York Times, says she met Cosby at 22-years-old when she was a secretary at a talent agency in 1965, and that he invited her to a party at his home. As with so many others, Ruehli says he gave her something to drink and she passed out. She awoke to find herself nude as Cosby tried to force his penis into her mouth, and she threw up.

In 2005, Ruehli came forward as a Jane Doe with a number of other women like Barbara Bowman to testify in Andrea Constand’s case against Cosby.


Last November, Philadelphia Magazine ran an article about her allegations against Cosby. In response, the comedian’s then-lawyer Marty Singer released a statement defaming her, she says, calling the numerous accusers’ accusations “unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they say occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago.”

Ruehli’s case means Cosby is currently fighting two defamation suits as well as pushing to keep a new deposition in the case of Judy Huth sealed.

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I am ever so reluctant to pull this card, but having been a victim of sexual abuse myself along with my cousins, I just hate this piece of shit.with my entire soul. As a man I was not allowed to talk about it. I was called a liar by my own family as were my two women cousins. The horror never ends. It has permeated every fiber of my soul. Failed relationships, drug and alcohol.abuse, divorce. I am so blessed to have.found a woman who loves me til the.end, in depths I.never believed could happen. My.heart aches for these women and I hope they find some measure of peace. Remember, for all those out there who have suffered through this immeasurable pain...It is not your fault. It is.not your fault. You are beautiful.