Coroner: Amy Winehouse Drank Herself To Death

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This will come as a shock to absolutely no one: A coroner has found that Amy Winehouse's death was the "unintended consequence" of drinking too much alcohol. Winehouse was found in bed with two empty full-size bottles and one smaller bottle of vodka in her room, and tests reveal she was more than five times over the legal drunk-driving limit when she died. Her passing has been ruled, "death by misadventure," which is definitely one of those things that sounds better than it is. Her doctor said she had just started drinking again after a period of sobriety, and she was "tipsy" but coherent when she saw her on the night before she died. The doctor added, "She didn't want to die, she was looking forward to the future." [People, E!]


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Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming Willis are expecting. Bruce Willis has three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Belle, so if he really wants to shock the world he should name this kid something like John. [AP]

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Hear ye, hear ye: Lindsay Lohan's rep would like everyone to know that she showed up 20 minutes early to the morgue today. Looks like Lindsay deserves a big apology from everyone who said she's irresponsible . [Radar]
During a hearing today a judge told Michael Lohan that he must stay away from Kate Major, adding, "You even dream of her and you're going to jail." [Radar]
Dina Lohan used Michael Lohan's incarceration on domestic violence charges as an opportunity to serve him papers demanding $11,000 in unpaid child support. [TMZ]
A source, who clearly got high marks at finishing school, says that Lindsay is showing everything in Playboy, "boobs, ass, and vag." [TMZ]

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When American dignitaries visit Britain they get to have tea with the Queen, so naturally our fellow citizens want to show Prince Harry the best of what America has to offer. In the past few days he's eaten tacos from a food truck and purchased Coke, pizza, and beer at Walmart. [Us]

  • Another banner day for gay rights: The dude from the "can you hear me now" commercials has come out. [E!]
  • Cameron Diaz had a "friendly meal" with the artist occasionally known as Diddy, so they're definitely in love. [E!]
  • More on pumpkin patch-gate: Courtney Stodden says moms complained about her (lack of) attire, but "dads loved it." Also, for some reason girls thought she was a "pumpkin-patch princess." Apparently kids think a princess' definining feature isn't her crown, but her inappropriate sexiness. [E!]
  • Damn, the Daily Fail really is the worst. They took a look at the adorable and age-appropriate fashions Kiernan Shipka wore in Lucky and wrote the headline, "Hotpants, high heels and designer handbags: Is 11-year-old Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka growing up too fast?" No. No she is not. [Daily Mail]


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I think the "Can you hear me now?" guy, Paul Marcarelli, came out in that Atlantic piece a few months ago:

"This peculiar brand of fame was frequently awkward, however. At a cousin’s wedding, he wore "the grayest of gray suits," but still wound up feeling "like a cafone—Italian for "oaf"—when more people lined up to take pictures with him than with the bride. A few months ago, he attended his grandmother’s funeral. As her body was being lowered into the ground, he heard the hushed voice of a family friend: "Can you hear me now?"

Then there were the drive-bys. Marcarelli has a home in Guilford, Connecticut, and five summers ago, kids in an SUV began driving past at night, yelling, "Can you hear me now?" Later, says Marcarelli, "they started screaming ‘faggot’ up at my house. It got progressively more profane as the years went by." One night, it happened while some friends were over, and he decided to call the police. "As soon as I hung up the phone," he says, "I realized that in order for them to do anything about it, it would have to become a report that would go into a police log." Worried about the publicity—and the questions that might ensue if it came out that the actor playing Test Man was gay—he declined to file a report."