Corgi And Kitten Come Together To Vanquish All The World's Evils

One Corgi. One kitten. Best friends cuddling, napping. All is right with the world. And for one minute and twenty-seven seconds, every corner of the universe is ephemerally lit. Voldemort is defeated. Kim Kardashian, if you're watching: this is a great argument against that Israel-Palestine thing you're so worried about.


[via Buzzfeed]

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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

Speaking of adorable animals and my unrelenting obsession to watch them 24-7, does anyone know why Animal Planet's "Too Cute" is not on tonight??? In my house, we are of the firm, totally indisputable belief that this is the absolute greatest, most important, Emmy/Golden Globe/Oscar/Grammy/Pulitzer/Nobel Prize worthy show ever in existence and without it we are at a loss. Now what can we watch with the dog on the couch and exclaim "LOOK AT THE LITTLE PUPPY!!! SHE'S JUST LIKE YOOOOUUUU" every fifteen minutes, which is clearly the best way ever in the history of time to spend a Saturday night.

So anyone have any idea where our show is?