Corey Lewandowski Has Been Fired Again

Image via AP
Image via AP

I thought maybe I’d hit my limit on obnoxious, foundation-shaking cackling for one day, but here we are: The Daily Beast reports that Corey Lewandowski has been fired from his job at the conservative One America News Network, apparently for appearing one too many times on competing stations.


According to the report, which was corroborated by three anonymous sources, Lewandowski’s habit of turning up on rival networks like Fox News “angered OANN leadership,” which one of the sources referred to as “a big no-no.” From the Daily Beast:

Senior staff at the network knew it was likely that Lewandowski would do other network appearances, but things came to a head when it began to appear that Lewandowski was giving more attention to competitors than his employer.

One America Chief Executive Robert Herring declined to comment, though he did casually mention that the oft-fired Lewandowski was indeed spending “an inordinate amount of time on-air with OANN’s competitors.” Then:

Asked directly if he had any reason to deny The Daily Beast’s reporting, Herring replied: “I have none whatsoever.”

Perhaps now would be the right time for Lewandowski to make his grand return to the Trump fold! The Daily Beast reported in May that he was somehow being considered for a role as a “crisis manager,” whose job would be to contain the fallout from the rapidly unspooling psychodrama that was (and remains) the Russia debacle. Recall that Lewandowski originally lost his job as Trump’s campaign manager after bruising a female reporter, so you know he’s a great fit.

Lewandowski, despite being canned, remains a close Trump confidant. Just this Sunday, he appeared on Meet the Press to express hope that new White House Chief of Staff John Kally would fire Richard Cordray, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


As I’m sure Lewandowski is well aware, the White House is looking for a new communications director. I can’t think of anything that would be more fitting.



Man, fuck this asshole.