Cops Warn Hilary Duff of Obsessive Fan Who Attempted to Stalk and Propose to Her

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Authorities in Beverly Hills recently warned Hilary Duff about a man who they believe attempted to locate her home, find the star, and propose to her only a few weeks ago.


As per TMZ, who broke the story, members of the Beverly Hills Police Department informed Duff of her stalker after receiving a tip from a limousine driver the fan had hired to (unknowingly) aid in tracking the celebrity roughly a month ago.

After the man rented a limousine, he directed his chauffeur to drive for over two hours, during which they searched “aimlessly” for the location of Duff’s residence. (While the obsessive fan did not have the former Lizzie McGuire star’s address, he purportedly carried a photograph he claimed was of her home.)

The fan also informed the driver during the two-hour ride of his plans to propose to Duff, which in turn spurred him to contact authorities after he had parted from his client.

According to Duff’s security team, this isn’t the first time they’ve heard of and/or encountered Hilary’s stalker, and that they are aware of who he is.

As of now, Duff has upped her security detail, but has not fired a restraining order against the man.

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The stalker was Aaron Carter, wasn’t it? I mean, “allegedly."