Cool Prank Audition Convinces Women to Wear Blackface, Salute Hitler

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About 30 aspiring actresses who responded to a casting call got the shit fooled out of them when it turned out that they were auditioning for a part that didn't actually exist. But wait! It gets fool-ier: during the fake audition, the women were asked to do unladylike things like wear blackface, impersonate Adolph Hitler, and yell Nazi slogans on camera. Oh man, what a punking!


The Fauxdition (THANK YOU PLEASE CONTACT MY AGENT FOR BOOKINGS AT YOUR NEXT MADE-UP WORD EVENT I DO WEDDINGS) wasn't entirely destined to disappear into the Hollywood ether; it is actually a bit part in a film about two men who can't stop pranking the shit out of each other. You know, the sort of humor produced by people who refer to themselves as "edgy." The LA Times explains,

"May The Best Man Win" is a real movie, with a budget of $800,000, about two men who try to out-do each other by pulling outrageous stunts. The casting call wasn't an audition for principal roles within the movie, but for a film-within-a-film segment about women who become the victims of those stunts.

"The joke is, 'Will these women audition for a part that they think is immorally reflected?'" explained Oliver Obst, another executive producer of the film.

Oh boy this is gonna make some bowties spin around so fast!

According to the LAT, of the 50 actresses who showed up, 15 signed release forms that allowed them to be filmed, and 7 actually did the Hitler mustache/blackface thing. One actress who showed up said she grew suspicious when she noticed the audition was being run a lot like a real film set, all the actresses had been given different lines, and some of them had been told they were auditioning for a different genre of film altogether. In the end, the actress quoted by the Times reports being given the runaround before a staffer fessed up to the fact that she was being pranked. Participating actresses were given $50 for their trouble.

I get that many aspiring actors are desperate hacks with an overinflated sense of their abilities and attractiveness, but humiliating actresses by having them perform what's basically a Mel Brooks audition, like, 20 years after that shit was fresh isn't edgy, it just reads like a LOL WOMEN ARE DUMB! joke. But I'll withhold the full brunt of my my judgment until this outrageous movie about pranking dudes hits theaters. I mean, I laughed until I cried the first time I saw Borat. I was super stoned, but still. Hilarious stuff.

Anyway, for those duped by the joke audition, let this be a lesson to you: don't yell Nazi slogans on camera unless you've been instructed to do so by someone you trust.





Oh, you are making so little progress, white dudes. This reminds me of waaay back in 1999 on the premiere of The Man Show, they went out somewhere and set up a booth getting women to sign to "stop women's suffrage." It pissed me off to the point where still avoid anything and everything with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla today. Why is it so often that privileged people think that it's edgy to further marginalize disenfranchised folks? It's just maintaining the status quo.