Cool New Cabbage Patch Doll Kinda Looks Possessed

“I’m either gonna love you or steal your soul :-)“
“I’m either gonna love you or steal your soul :-)“

Look in the cherub face of this Cabbage Patch Kids doll—but not for too long. It may seem like something’s awry; however, you’ll soon learn that this is how it’s supposed to be. Don’t fight it.


The Baby So Real Cabbage Patch Kid is the collaborative work of Wicked Cool Toys (a licensing company) and Seebo, a tech company based in Israel. A series of touch sensors are built in to give the doll that oh-so-lovable creepy/realistic feel, and those frightening baby blues are the result of LED lights.

A prototype will debut this weekend at NYC’s International Toy Fair, according to Mashable, which describes Baby So Real as “incredibly sensitive to touch” and notes that the cheeks “glow red when she’s ‘sick.’”:

When that happens, you’ll need to give her virtual medicine via the spoon accessory (also loaded with sensors, of course) to make her feel better. The doll has a motion sensor so she can sense when you’re trying to put her to sleep.



Baby So Real owners can choose from white, black or olive skin, in addition to brown, green or blue eye colors. There’s also a corresponding app that involves earning “Baby Points,” which will also be useful in the afterlife when you need to escape a chamber of hell.

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