Cool, a Sweet Valley High Reboot Might Be Happening

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There’s a possibility that Sweet Valley High will return to television if you cross your fingers hard enough.


E! spoke to Brittany Daniel, who played Jessica Wakefield alongside her sister Cynthia (as Elizabeth) on the charmingly soapy ’90s TV version of Francine Pascal’s YA book series, the central theme of which was: Jessica is popular, and Elizabeth is quiet.

According to Brittany Daniel, “talk” about a reboot is happening:

“There is some talk right now. We’re actually going to have some conversations with Francine. That series means so much to my sister and I and we want to bring that to our kids and the next generation. So it’s only natural for us to want to bring it back.”

While Brittany kept working post-SVH and went on to star in The Game (which is currently in its final season), Cynthia’s been in the shadows and her IMDB page is real light. You could say she’s been...quiet.

Who would play Jessica and Elizabeth in a remake? Jia: “I hope they cast Gigi and Bella Hadid.”

Think about it and relive episode 1 where Jessica wants to be homecoming queen but Elizabeth ends up winning.

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What was your favorite book? Mine was the one where Lila Fowler gives Jessica some French fashion magazines, and Jessica dyes her hair black and starts drinking espresso and wearing berets and snakeskin boots.