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Cook To Bang: The Way To A Woman's Vagina Is Through Her Stomach

Illustration for article titled emCook To Bang/em: The Way To A Womans Vagina Is Through Her Stomach

Spencer Walker's new cookbook is "for any dude who's tired of dropping good money on dates that only get him a kiss on the cheek." From OMFG PB&J to Spank My Halibut, these are "recipes to get you laid." [SFWeekly]


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I cook all the time. I started when I was about 4, I used to be a professional chef, and I am particular about what I eat. And don't get me wrong, I really appreciate when a man can cook, and cook well, because it means I can take a break sometimes. But I'm not dropping trou because a man can do what I do every day, and probably not as well.

And have you looked at the recipes? They're awful! "Depending on how large the fish is, cook anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour." Grilling fish is not easy for beginners. How about giving a guide to cooking fish per inch, or weight? The tone of this book is so horrifically offensive, but the terrible recipes are a close second.