Controversial Deciem CEO Threatens More Bizarre Social Media Behavior and a Rough Weekend for His Employees

By now you might be aware that Brandon Truaxe, the CEO of cult beauty brand Deciem (which sells those super affordable Ordinary serums), has been wreaking havoc in the beauty industry.


It started back in February, when fans began to notice Truaxe was taking over the brand’s Instagram in overly intimate ways, posting selfies and video confessionals. Since then, he has recommended skin lightning products to people of color, dramatically fired two major employees including co-CEO at the company, and abruptly cut ties with lip-care brand Esho.

And he just keeps going. On Wednesday Truaxe took to Deciem’s Instagram to call out London’s Sunday Times Magazine for a profile they published two years ago. “You should fire that sloppy, careless editor who made me partake in that hideous photo and then mashed up so many wrong ‘facts’ on paper despite her recorder recording for over 2 days...” he wrote. He also, according to reports, fired his entire US team. When Harper’s Bazaar reached out to Deciem’s PR for confirmation the email bounced back, which sheds some light on why the company’s image is currently so horrific.

Probably his worst social media move in the past week was Truaxe posting a photo of a homeless woman outside of their upcoming Fifth Avenue store. “Never disrespect a harmless human in need of care,” he wrote.

In a new interview at Racked, he explains that the tasteless photo was taken out of love for this person. He says:

Look, I just don’t understand. This homeless person was sitting, smoking quote-unquote a cigarette, reading a book happily at night in front of a million-dollar-a-year — that I can’t afford! — property on Fifth Ave across from the library. Actually, this person is disrespectful to the beauty of the library; he is disrespectful to the beauty of Fifth Avenue. But this person was so peaceful. He was just reading his book, which homeless people should do more of.


And in addition to all of this mess, Truaxe is reportedly making a big announcement this weekend. “It’s going to cause a lot more stir,” he tells Racked. “This weekend is going to be hard on our social media team, who don’t even know that it’s coming.” Hopefully the announcement is that he’ll no longer have access to the brand’s Instagram.


Lucretia Mott's Heresy

Am I missing something, or do the photo caption of the homeless person and the Racked interview say opposite things? Wait, I think I get it. He took a stealth photo of someone, wrote a virtue-signaling caption, got called out for the photo being disrespectful, and in defending himself showed his dark underbelly by saying the photo subject is *actually* the disrespectful one, because they’re uglying up wealth and beauty?