Last night's episode featured vomit, shortening and Tanya Tucker.

The country-themed episode's first challenge was a Fear Factor-ish contest in which the Queens had to eat deep fried cows' brains, bull testicles, alligator and so on. Mystique reigned triumphant, and Morgan McMichaels came in second, after she "ralphed."

The ladies were divided into two teams, and the second challenge was to make a commercial — directed by Kathy Najimy — for Disco shortening. Raven was pissed that she was chosen to play a chicken. But no one in the commercial looked pretty. And isn't drag all about working with what you've got?


Jessica Wild, however, was pleased to play the "sheeken." The Sheeken Talk A Lot is my new band name.

Raven received harsh criticism from Kathy Najimy while shooting the commercial. Her bad attitude makes her really unlikeable.

It's unfortunate, because Raven is unbelievably gorgeous.

Even though Mystique won the eating challenge, and her team's commercial (with Jessica Wild as the wacky chicken) was great, her "country" runway ensemble was more Wal-Mart than Waltons, and she had to sashay away. In an interview, Mystique says: "I want Pandora to win, 'cause she is crazy and off-the-wall, and she's the type of winner this year's show needs: Someone who is different and not bitchy… Or should I say who is not a cunt, and who's willing to help people out." Noted!


The winning commercial: Sublimely weird.

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