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Constance Wu to Star in Female-Directed Independent Film You and Me Both

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Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu has landed a starring role in the independent film, You and Me Both.


As reported by Variety, the film is supported by Tribeca All Access, NALIP and Film Independent, and was written and directed by Jennifer Cho Suhr.

Wu will play a struggling addict who, along with her estranged sister, embarks on a road trip from Iowa to Alaska in search of their birth mother. Exploring themes of grief, forgiveness and belonging, the film centers on the bond between siblings and the resilience and humor necessary to overcome trauma — and is aimed at showcasing the breadth and range of the Asian American experience with complicated and deeply human characters.


It’s important to note that the film was not only created by and stars an Asian woman, but is is also being produced by two women—proving that an excellent antidote to sexist, homogenous films is to actually let women and people of color make movies.

If there’s a shred of justice in this world, this is just the beginning of Constance Wu’s very long career as an A-list film and television star.

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I love Constance Wu! I wish her lots of success.